Favorite Video 9/4/2014

This is my favorite video because when I was homesick in Europe one of my friends sent me this video and it made me laugh really hard, I love Emma Stone so much (total girl crush). I can watch this video over and over and still be as amused as the first time I saw it. Good stuff Fallon and Stone. Good stuff. 



4 thoughts on “Favorite Video 9/4/2014

  1. I love all of the funny skits and segments that Jimmy Fallon does on his show! I am not the most faithful watcher, but there are constantly more and more videos from his show ending up on Youtube that are hilarious to watch! My boyfriend actually showed me this video awhile ago and I thought their renditions were amazing- especially Emma Stone’s lip syncing to the Blues Traveler song!


    • I can definitely relate!! Jimmy is the best when it comes to cheering people up. He has that secret ingredient that would always make you laugh no matter what like for “Ew” for instance. And Emma is just hilarious. I can see why she is your girl crush. Beside, It takes a good presenter to present a show but it takes a great artist to make the audience enjoy the show from A to Z.


  2. Great minds think alike, Ashten! I posted a video of Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd doing a lip-sync contest too!! They all are hilarious. I watch Fallon when I am feeling sad and homesick too. He has a clever way of brightening one’s day by giggling with the audience. He i just so awesome and I see why you love him!


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