Creative Campaign: What jeans are you wearing?


In everyday life there are campaigns for this, that, and the other thing; saving the earth, protecting the pandas, health awareness, global issues awareness, and on and on. One thing most of these have in common is that at the root of it all, it’s honestly quite depressing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love pandas and recycling, I try to keep up on the news so I know what’s going on in the world, and of course I drink enough water everyday and eat my greens. In all honesty though, none of those things strikes my interest quite like this most recent campaign by Levi Straus jeans.

            As a disclaimer, fashion is my life. Even though I am no longer in the fashion program here at St. Kate’s, I still live and breath denim, cotton, spandex, polyester, polka dots, stripes, cheetah print, and everything else in between. What I put on my body every day expresses how I feel, how I want other people to perceive me, and most of all, what makes me feel most confident and comfortable. That last point is what is most important to me. Putting on clothes everyday that makes you feel like the best version of yourself that you could possibly feel, is what I think is important. In this world of Victoria Secret yoga pants, and Uggs, I personally feel as if we’ve gotten a tad lazy with our daily dress. Don’t think I am the type of person who won’t throw on a pair of leggings and a sweater, hope they are clean, and run out the door, because I 100% am, but that isn’t my daily routine. I need my jeans to really put the 10 in Ashten.

Now this campaign, let me tell you about it…

It’s called #liveinlevis. It was first brought to my attention by one of the most prominent fashion bloggers right now, Chiara Ferragni (creator of The Blonde Salad). Levi has been making jeans since… forever…? Well actually just 1873, so close enough. Coined as the inventor of the blue jean, I think it’s fair to say that they have an idea as to what they are doing. This campaign is trying to get us all out of our lazy fashion choices slump and into some cotton. Enough of the spandex clad world we all have come to live in, let’s live in our jeans. Let us find that one pair that makes us feel, confident, professional, sexy, cute, creative, …and perfect. Let’s look forward to slipping on a pair of jeans and looking in the mirror, even for that 8am Monday morning class, or 5am Saturday shift. This campaign wants us to have a pair that we can’t leave home without, that we can fall asleep in, and wake up in and carry on. That have a story that the wearer can share.


Creative Commons by .imelda

#Liveinlevis is more than just a marketing ploy to get you to come and buy a pair of jeans from a specific company; it’s a lifestyle choice. Everyone has jeans hanging in their closet, but do those jeans have a life with you? Or are they just another article of clothing hanging next to that sweater your Grandma bought you? The brand is an icon for many generations, jeans are the only thing that continues to survive through each changing trend and decades and decades of people. These jeans are a chance to write your story and live in your Levis.


4 thoughts on “Creative Campaign: What jeans are you wearing?

  1. I saw this commercial a while back and thought it was super creative because it is giving a personality to jeans. For me jeans are jeans and I rarely wear them but that commercial made me think about going to try a pair of Levi’s on which is a success on their part. Next time I go to MOA I will be stopping by the Levi’s store and seeing what it feels like to “live in Levi’s”.

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  2. What I love about this post is how strongly you relate to this campaign and how it really resonates with you. It’s not just something you thought was funny or enjoyable, which is not bad by any means, but a part of you actually “lives” with what they are proclaiming. I love your fashion background and how seeing and feeling fashion is part of your life, and this ad represents that part of you for you. I love when people vocalize their passions because you can just see the life and exuberance that shines through their voice or words. Even if it is not someone else’s passion, they can still appreciate it because we all know how our own passions make us feel. You sold me on this campaign solely because of the background of yourself you provided to go along with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this comment as well, “I need my jeans to really put the 10 in Ashten”- very creatively put! 🙂

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