Call 1800-411-pain

Remember after 911, call 411

As I listen to KDWB everyday, nearly all day both in my car and off of iHeart I can’t help but sing along to both the songs I hear all the time, and then the commercials that are on repeat nearly as often as the top 100. One particular commercial I hear more often than not is the 1-800-411-pain commercial. Now we can all hear one version in our head right now as you’re reading this, especially if you listen to KDWB. The thing about this ad though is how frequently they change their jingle. I feel like I get in the groove of one version for so long, then they go and change it on me… rude! I think maybe that is why I remember it though, in all honesty. They keep me on my toes, talking about whom I should call when I get in a car accident, right after I call 911, I should call 411. In fact they are known for their songs, if you look them up online, they have ringtones you can download! It’s an epidemic! They catch you out of nowhere too, like I’m just signing along to some Taylor Swift song and next, “Car got wrecked, what a crying shame, frustrated…” it’s just like another song on the radio, pretty much. I don’t think though if I were actually in a car accident, that I would be calling them, their ad doesn’t seem too professional, via the radio ad at least. I know that their television ads are a lot different, they are more professional with a guy talking about their services, dressed nicely, strong monologue, just an overall different vibe compared to their radio ads. This makes me think that perhaps they are aiming towards all audiences with their ads, the radio one certainly grabs my attention whereas maybe the TV ad is more driven towards an older demographic. Either way, I know what their services do, I know when I am supposed to be calling them (right from the scene of the accident!) and I defiantly know how to contact them. I think that their ad is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.


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