Only a slight addiction

Let’s talk about Buzzfeed, shall we?

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.15.40 PM

Hello my name is Ashten and I am a social media addict. (This is the part where you say, “Hello Ashten” in a very monotone voice) I think currently Instagram is my biggest vice, I’m on it almost constantly, and follow an obscene amount of people, then twitter, maybe a little Facebook thrown it there, Tumblr for sure, oh and a little Bloglovin because I can not live a day without Lookbook or reading what The Blonde Salad is up to. This is all well and good but you’re probably thinking, where does she get real information, like the Kardashian’s aren’t exactly world news (yes they are, let’s be honest here). Well I’ll tell you where I get this “real” information, it’s from a beautiful website called Buzzfeed, and I mean beautiful as in, visually appealing. I’m not so into sites like MSNBC, FOX news, or CNN, unless it’s like a national catastrophe, and I get the necessary info here. It’s super easy to navigate with a great layout, you can access exactly what you came there for.

I know that Buzzfeed got a lot of hate (or love, depending on which side you’re on) recently because of the annoying and mostly pointless quiz section they so lovingly offer. I can find out which Taylor Swift song I am, or how well I know Britney Spears, and as great and useful as those things are, that isn’t all this site has to offer. The tabs are as follows: News, Buzz, Life, Entertainment, Quizzes, Videos, and More, which offers a drop down menu, and the app totally works the same way.

I think the reason I love this website is because it has everything I need, entertainment and news, a solid time wasting place to hang out, with some purpose. It’s difficult to tell how often I frequent Buzzfeed via the Internet because I have the app on my phone and I spend significantly more time on my phone than I do on my computer on average. Everything they have is so accessible and addicting because it is so easy to get everything you want in one source. I think that if more people (probably around my age) hopped on the Buzzfeed bandwagon, they’d be just as addicted as I am. I don’t see anything about it that someone would not enjoy.

I think the real reason sites like Buzzfeed really resonate with me is because it’s all so relevant, it moves with my life. As I was writing this blog post, I had Buzzfeed up in the background and it was updating with new stories for me to read constantly in the matter of about an hour. I can keep up with life around me on a macro level like politics, to a micro level like what Taco Bell’s new dollar menu item is all in one place. It helps me stay current as I go about my day without any effort really. My roommates and I all sit around at the end of the day discussing school, work, and both the latest and greatest Buzzfeed quiz we took and all about the current Wildfires in California.


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